Walk along with them at Relay today

Relay for Life has a life-changing mission.

Through a variety of fundraising events, the American Cancer Society uses Relay for Life to increase awareness of cancer. These events include day-long walk-a-thons, bark walks with dogs, candlelight luminaria to respectfully honor those lost to cancer, creative fundraising events and so much more.

Each year, more than 4 million people help raise funds for cancer research — and a good number of those participate in Scotland County. Today is that day.

More than a local fundraiser, Relay for Life has global significance as we all learn of the impact that cancer — sometimes tragic, sometimes inspirational — has around the world. And it is that diverse impact that changes lives.

Through Relay for Life, we learn of caregivers who devote their previous time to helping those with cancer. We hear stories of survivors who want to share their hope. We understand the determination and drive of those battling cancer.

You certainly know someone in that group.

The fight against cancer may go on for decades but all lives are changed and made rich by Relay for Life, which brings together communities to remember people lost to the disease, and honor those who have fought or are fighting cancer.

You may never have walked a mile in their shoes — and if you never have to, thank the Lord — but you CAN walk a mile with them.

We’ve lost track of the platitudes and cliches that surround an event like Relay for Life. The number of reasons to participate in Relay for Life are as long as your arm.

We hope just one of those reasons will be enough to bring you out to Pate Stadium at Scotland High School today. Aside from all of the activities and fun planned, it’s the support shown by those who come out that means the very most.

The Relay for Life allows us to do that. It gives us a structured opportunity to do what’s within our power to fend off cancer. We can’t all be doctors, administering radiation, or surgeons removing tumors. But we can contribute some portion of our money. And we can contribute some portion of our time to let people who are in their own personal battles know they are not in this fight alone.

This devastating disease isn’t just a problem for the Smith family. Or the Jones family. It is a societal challenge that threatens all of us, not because cancer is contagious, but because it is so far-reaching and can impact everyone and anyone.

We can show them that they have an entire society behind them.



“Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world; indeed, it’s the only thing that ever does.” (Margaret Mead)