Spending other people’s money

I am a bit concerned about this current love affair with socialism. Socialism and its tenets have been around in one form or another for thousands of years.

Researchers have found evidence of socialism in the ruins of the Roman Empire. We know that it is here today in many countries around the world. The citizens in most of these socialist countries live in abject poverty. The social programs in the United States has kept many of our citizens in poverty for the last 50 years. Though the poverty in the U.S. is not as bad as that of many countries our poverty level is maintained by the social programs that have been implemented.

Today’s socialists are calling for Medicare for all, minimum income for all, tuition free college educations, housing for all, gun control, and criminal justice reform. Gun control and criminal justice reform can be accomplished at little cost. Gun control as described by today’s socialist runs afoul of the Second Amendment in which they would continue to push for disarming all law-abiding citizens thus leaving them in harms way for the criminals to do as they will.

Medicare for all, free college education for all, and housing for all are rather expensive pursuits. Medicare for all has been estimated to cost more than $32.6 trillion over 10 years or $3.26 trillion per year. Total budget for the U.S. government is 2018 is $4.17 trillion. Medicare for all will cause the budget to jump to $7.43 trillion per year, an increase of 78.12 percent to the spending of the federal government.

The only way we are paying for the social programs today is by collecting excessive taxes above and beyond that required to operate the necessary government functions. To provide the proposed social programs will require more theft from those who have worked a lifetime to accumulate their wealth.

Just to provide Medicare for all has been estimated that current income tax rates will have to increase by two or three times their current rate. Just imagine what the increase will be if all the proposed social programs are implemented, maybe five, six or seven times or more.

The cost of social programs is disproportionate to the service provided to the individuals.

Margaret Thatcher was correct when she said: “The problem with socialism is that you eventually run out of other peoples’ money.”

Ray Shamlin

Rocky Mount