Giving kudos to our partner in Scotland

We’re going to do something that most newspapers rarely do — but probably should more often.

WLNC radio, found on the dial at 95.1 FM, is a Laurinburg airwaves icon wildly popular throughout Scotland County and even beyond. And for good reason.

Are this newspaper and that radio station competitors? Probably. Since we each chase advertising dollars, as well as local news and sports, we find our paths crisscrossing often — all of which is our job and all of which is really good for you, the reader and listener.

But the newspaper and radio are two different animals within the public information industry. You can’t hold what the radio does in your hands like you can with the Exchange; and you can’t listen to what the newspaper does like you can with WLNC. We offer area residents two distinctly different options to get their local news, sports and community events — and quite honestly, there is more than enough room to co-exist, because many of you rely on both of us to keep you informed.

While we think what we do on a daily basis is pretty good and improving (we are also available as a resource at any time of the day or night with the same sort of information – either to read or to access online), we will offer our kudos to what the folks over at WLNC do for those who listen.

You want daily local news about what elected officials, civic organizations, the chamber of commerce and most other groups in Scotland County are doing? They’ll have it.

You want to hear from our elected officials and other pillars of the community? They’ll have them on the air regularly.

You want to know what activities your children and family can participate in? Tune in each day and you’ll know.

You want previews, live coverage and results from the local athletics? They’ve got you covered. The crowds showing up for weekly Coach Richard Bailey Show, now at Jerry’s, is a testament to what our local radio station does.

And perhaps, most importantly, WLNC isn’t shy about doing some valuable fact-checking when clarification and/or correction is necessary — as they did following the recent interview with Laurinburg’s “figurehead” Mayor Matthew Block.

Oh, and they also offer us all plenty of good toe-tapping from their eclectic library of music and much more.

If you are a regular listener to Scotland County’s hometown radio, then we are preaching to the choir. But if you are not, then we think you should give it a try. You won’t be disappointed, because those like Gary and Terry Gallman, Sandy Callan and Justin McNickle are professionals who have one thing in common with all of us — they care deeply about this county.

So are The Laurinburg Exchange and WLNC radio competitors? Maybe. But more than that, we think we should also be partners in the effort to make this community and county a better place to live, work and play.



“Yesterday is not ours to recover, but tomorrow is ours to win or lose.” (Lyndon B. Johnson)