We should all go downtown this evening

It’s Friday, and we are hoping to see you this evening.

If you haven’t already planned a trip to the beach or some other getaway for the weekend, downtown Laurinburg beckons. Loudly.

Laurinburg After Five will be presenting the finale of its annual summer concert series from 6 to 9 p.m. today on Main Street in the city’s downtown — and we really think it’s one you won’t want to miss.

Taking the stage will be Jim Quick and Coastline. Do we need to say more?

OK, we will.

Quick is a favorite son of Laurinburg, with a a throng of fans from throughout the Southeast known as the “Coastline Crazies.” He’s been playing, tweaking and fine-tuning his music for more than 20 years — and all that hard work has paid off in spades. Quick has earned the Entertainer of the Year title from the Carolina Beach Music Awards 16 times. Yes, we said SIXTEEN.

And the music Quick and Coastline bring to each and every stage they step on is an eclectic mix of soul, rock, beach, blues and gospel — all with a southern twist that keep feet tapping, hands clapping and hips swaying. There’s plenty of something for everyone.

Suffice it to say that anyone who comes downtown this evening, especially if you’ve never before taken in a concert by Jim Quick and Coastline, won’t be able to just take in a song or two and get away. You will be hooked to hang on to each and every note until the night draws to a close.

And you will be surrounded, we hope, by a horde of folks who are big supporters of our hometown guy.

Laurinburg After Five is designed for fun and entertainment, all free of charge for anyone who wants to hear some outstanding music. There are only three rules for the evening: don’t bring a cooler, don’t bring a pet and, most importantly, have fun.

Come alone or bring some friends and family.

You can always make that trip to the coast, or wherever, tomorrow morning.


Kudos for National Night Out


We certainly would be remiss if we didn’t pass along our kudos to those who planned and participated in the annual National Night Out in downtown Laurinburg on Tuesday.

By all accounts, there was plenty of fun for area residents — and quite a few turned out to mingle with law enforcement from throughout Scotland County, firefighters, EMS personnel and others.

National Night Out gives residents a chance to see these civil servants in another light. They are men and women much like everyone else, with spouses, children and friends who are our neighbors. Getting the opportunity to talk with them and watch as they interact with the public in a casual, entertaining setting goes a long way toward making residents more comfortable with those who protect them on a daily basis.

We applaud all of those who came out Tuesday. The effort will be worth it.



“Whatever good things we build, end up building us.” (Jim Rhon)