‘Democrat Socialist … a new name?

How did a Socialist win a primary in New York’s 14th Congressional District when she was promoting a political system that has a history of consistent failure?

This question is very easy to answer.

This would have never happened if voters would have taken the time to read and listen to valid sources of information and not rely on the undocumented trash commonly found on some of the Internet and left-wing outlets for the so called “Main Stream News Media.”

How could a Socialist win a New York congressional primary? Simple. Ocasio Cortez used the tried and true Democrat method of buying votes. Now that’s not saying she payed for votes, but it does promise “free stuff” if elected, such as: “Free Medicare for all, free education, everyone will receive a living wage, everyone will be given a job and everyone will entitled to affordable housing.” This sounded fantastic to the Millennials until economists explained to them that they will be the ones paying for all this “free stuff” for others.

How do these people get elected? The fact is we spend more time researching a new flat-screen TV than we do researching our political candidates. Honestly now, would you buy a TV that only played racist, anti-Christian and anti-Israeli stations? Of course not — because you would have read all about the TV’s capabilities prior to making your purchase. Yet those that fail to pay attention to who they’re voting for just may end up being stuck with a piece of political junk for several years. Don’t you think the future of your community or your country deserves at least as much attention as purchasing a TV set?

Socialism has nothing to offer but empty promises and destructive criticism. How, all of a sudden, did a pattern of “Hating America” get started when we have been the same Patriotic Judeo Christian Society for well over 200 years? Answer: We live in a free society which includes “Freedom of Speech.” Socialist have learned to use Hollywood stars, TV celebrities, sports figures and some major news media to slowly convert our country to Socialism under the rather nebulous title of “Democrat Socialist.” Don’t know what Democrat Socialism is? Don’t feel bad, neither do most Americans, but that won’t stop them from voting for the “free stuff” they promise.

The word Socialist carries a negative stigma with it. After realizing the vast majority of Americans would never vote for a Socialist candidate, Democrat was added to Socialist, which helped to confuse voters.

Bernie Sanders is probably the best known Democrat Socialist, at least until Ocasio Cortez’s win in New York’s Manhattan.

Sanders often spoke about Denmark as being a “workers paradise,” even though it suffered more than any of its neighbors following the 2008 global economic crisis. This crisis increased pressure on a over-stressed massive welfare state. The Danish Welfare State is funded by the highest taxes in the world. Denmark’s household debt is also the highest in Europe. And the Danish universal, free education and health care, are said to be of lesser quality than reported by the Danish government.

Denmark has the world’s highest rate of cancer and Danish schools perform poorly in international ranking. However, Denmark is said to score well in life-satisfaction surveys — so why does it have the highest consumption rate of antidepressants in the world? And despite their reputation for gender equality, they have the highest rates of violence against women in Europe. All these problems in the “Worker’s Paradise” of little Denmark with a total population only twice that of Chicago.

Today the closest lifestyle we have in this country to Denmark is California, and people are lined up waiting to move out. Taxes, frivolous regulations on businesses and pandering to those that choose to live an unproductive lifestyle are said to be the primary reason for this mass exodus.

God has blessed the us with this beautiful land we call home, but it’s our responsibility to keep it safe and free.

Mark Schenck is the chairman of the Scotland County Republican Party.