Time for men to ‘man up’

Sunday is Father’s Day — a day that has been set aside in recognition of fathers all across this country.

I want to issue a call this morning to all men and fathers: Stand up for the faith (1 Cor. 16:13); serve the Lord and play the middle; know who you serve and why you serve Him; show yourself to be MEN. Man up! That’s what David told his son Solomon in 1st Kings 2:1,2. When King David was dying, he charged his son, Solomon: “be thou strong therefore, and show yourself a man.”

My men and fathers, there comes a time when we can’t blame the women; in the home, the women have to do it if the men won’t! In the church, if the men don’t do the women have to do! We can’t say that the women are trying to take over; we can’t say that the women are trying to take the lead. If it were not for them most of the time there would be no home and no church!

This Sunday is our day, fathers; and the only way we are going to be the strong person that God meant for us to be is by putting ourselves in God’s hands and asking Him to make us that way through His power. I want every man and father to ask God to help us to man up and be the man and father that we are supposed to be. Our children need for us to pray that prayer. There is nothing wrong with falling on your face before the Lord and praying, “Lord, help me!” Paul was man enough to do it!

When I say man up I don’t mean that we are to throw our weight around; I don’t mean that we are to go out and try to prove our manhood and father children all over town. I don’t mean that we are to go out and play the role of the bad man, being aggressive, physically abusing our wives and provoking our children (Eph. 6:4a) — in fact, if we do that we are not men, we are beasts!

We are to be men of courage, men with pride; we are to take care of business, step up to the plate and say “the system will not raise my children, they have my blood running through their veins, these are my children.” Say, “no other man will raise my children. I’m going to raise them myself. I’m going to be the man/father that God called me to be; I’m going to MAN UP!”

Now notice, Satan’s attack has always been against the man. Satan would certainly attack the church and try to hinder the ministry of the men; he knows that when the men are in their rightful place taking the lead in all facets of the church, the church propels to a whole new level! And when he is in his rightful place in the home there’s a shift in the home, it’s a whole new ball game. So despite the fact that men are weak sometimes; despite the fact that men have faults and failures; despite the fact that the men are not given credit for some of the things that they do, there just comes a time when the men just have to man up! Happy Father’s Day to all fathers.

The Rev. George T. Ellis is pastor of Union Grove Baptist Church.