Teachers, administrators complete review of school curriculum

Scotland County teachers work to review benchmark assessments and data during ‘Curriculum Review Week.’

LAURINBURG — Students may have closed their textbooks for the summer, but the 50 teachers who participated in last week’s “Curriculum Review Week,” were hard at work at the Scotland County Board of Education’s central office.

According to Dr. Valarie Williams, assistant superintendent of Curriculum and Instruction, it was the first year that the central office has conducted curriculum review with input from teachers.

“In the past, the Curriculum and Instruction Department staff would look at the classroom resources, pacing guides, benchmark assessments, and data and plan for next year,” Williams said. “But having insight and input from the teachers is invaluable. They are, in many ways, the experts in so far as what is working well in the classroom and what we could improve upon, so it makes sense to expand the process and use the expertise we have right here in our own district.”

Teachers had to first apply for selection and be recommended by their principal before acceptance onto the Curriculum Review team.

“This week has definitely given us insight as to how the process and planning works,” said Bryan Thompson, a Carver Middle School eighth grade English/Language Arts teacher. “Reviewing all of the data and feedback from last year is challenging, but there is a great deal of satisfaction knowing that we’ve gotten to be directly be involved.”

Williams plans to gather input from the group before the start of the second semester as well.

“Although we are constantly reviewing and monitoring data all year long to assess student learning at every grade level, the opportunity to expand upon what worked well during the first semester and make any adjustments if necessary is critical for student success,” she said.