Good time to support locally owned businesses

JJ Melton Staff writer



LAURINBURG — It is National Small Business week, and Laurinburg/Scotland County Area Chamber of Commerce Executive Director Chris English is hoping residents will get out and help show support to the locally owned businesses in the community.

“These small businesses really took a hit throughout this pandemic,” said English. “I hope that everyone goes and does a little shopping or eating at one of our many establishments to choose from. However, it isn’t just important to show that support this week, it should be shown throughout the year.”

English said unfortunately there are not any events scheduled to honor this week but residents should not let that stop them from going out and seeing what they all have to offer.

“I consider small businesses to be those that are locally owned and have under 100 employees,” English said.

“We have had many local businesses join our community in the recent past,” added English. “These men and women have really faced adversity and overcome a lot of obstacles during the pandemic. They are out there finding new ways to work and provide by taking a leap of faith and putting trust into members of the community to support them.”

For a list of businesses within the county, visit the Chamber’s website at

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