Rewards being offered for missing dogs

Katelin Gandee Staff writer

LAUREL HILL — Walter and Chinna Hale are looking for their 9-year-old cocker spaniel and lab mix dog, JJ.

JJ disappeared from the family’s home on Butler Road in Laurel Hill on June 20. According to Walter, the family returned home that day and he couldn’t be found anywhere. They are unsure of how he had gotten out.

The dog has yellow hair and walks with a limp, as his right leg was injured and never fully healed. There is a reward out for anyone who finds him.

Anyone with information is asked to contact the Hales at 910-280-9223 or 910-280-3053.

JJ is not the only dog that is missing in Scotland County. Neal and Jennifer McRae have created a Facebook page dedicated to finding their dog Diamond, who went missing on May 7 on Hasty Road.

Diamond is a 10-year-old black lab who is spayed and micro-chipped. There is a reward for finding Diamond that has grown to $1,500 with no questions asked.

According to the Facebook page, Bring Diamond Home, the family believes that she was picked up by someone the night she disappeared and that “whoever has her will do the right thing and return her.”

Anyone with information about Diamond can call 910-280-9370 or 910-859-9313.

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