By: Katelin Gandee - Staff writer

LAURINBURG — Within hours, one local ministry team will head from North Carolina to India on an annual mission trip that will focus on improving a much-needed water tower.

True Christ Life will be traveling for five days to India on the mission trip, which will also include three revival services, two discipleship/worship training workshops, a village block party and the distribution of 250 Bibles.

One True Christ Life team member who will be going is Cross Pointe Church Associate Pastor Jason Watson, who says that the experience is an incredible one.

“This is our fourth trip over there and we started because we felt led to go when another ministry reached out to us on social media,” Watson said. “We’ve put a water well in, a trade school for the women to be able to generate money to support their families by sewing … this year we’re working on a water tower to be dug deeper so it can pump water into the whole village.”

The water tower will give the entire village use of water in their homes for three-hours a day as opposed to the current one-hour. Watson added that villagers there tend to use the water for agriculture rather than for personal use and this will help give them more access.

“The culture there is extremely appreciative of everything, they’re very humbled people and their hospitality is like no other,” Watson said. “They’re all very welcoming to the faith, we had one woman walk 36-miles to listen to us preach.”

Watson said that it’s things like this that remind him of what the root of Christianity is, since many have very little but they are extremely welcoming to them.

“Some of my favorite highlights were those who began a True Christ Life India branch,” Watson said. “They’re out there helping the community in the name of Christ.”

The branch has worked to feed the homeless as well as giving out cool drinks to help cool down during an extremely hot day.

Cross Pointe’s Pastor Michael Edds says he’s extremely proud of Watson and what the group is doing.

“I’m so proud of him and it’s incredible what they’re going over there to do,” Edds said. “It really shows that outreach is going beyond our own community and even the country. It’s so incredible how they’re impacting the community over there.”

Also heading to India with Watson is Laurel Hill native Seth Odom, who currently works as the Children Connection Pastor at the Goldsboro Worship Center. The team also includes Kris Dillard, pastor at Faith Church in Greensboro, though he will not be going on this particular trip.

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Local associate pastor will soon be heading to India

Katelin Gandee

Staff writer