Pratt rescues wayward cat from a bad fate

By: Staff report

LAURINBURG — Perseverance on the part of the Scotland County Register of Deeds was rewarded with a fine furry friend Tuesday afternoon.

Page Pratt was about to open his car door at the courthouse while leaving on an errand, when he heard a faint meowing. Upon investigation, he discovered a kitten hiding under the hood of an adjoining vehicle. For roughly 20 minutes and after crawling under two different vehicles, he was eventually successful in rescuing the scared creature.

Even though he came close to ruining a dress shirt, the effort was worth it. Figuring his new friend had used one of his nine lives, he tentatively gave it the name “Eight” signifying the number of lives left.

“Everybody would have felt awful if the little fellow had been killed in the drive belt of the car, but Marlin Perkins or Jack Hanna could not have done a better job,” said Clerk of Court Phil McRae.

Nobody knows where the kitten came from, but Pratt gave credit to Crystal Billingsley of his staff and Sheriff’s Deputy Tina Crifasi for their assistance. He plans to give his ward a foster home until its owner is identified or a new owner comes forward. Inquiries may be made at the courthouse.

Staff report