By: From local law enforcement


LAURINBURG — A resident of Ingleside Drive reported to the police department Sunday that someone had broken into four cars on the property. A 45. caliber pistol was stolen from one of the vehicles while nothing was taken from the other three.


LAURINBURG — A sister of a resident of Turnpike Road reported to the police department on Friday that she was checking on her brother’s residence when she noticed a window was shattered.

Disorderly Conduct

LAURINBURG — Two Scotland High School juveniles will be receiving disorderly conduct juvenile petitions after getting into a verbal altercation on Thursday. The 14-year-old and 15-year-old were released to their parents.


LAURINBURG — Police responded to Scotland Memorial Hospital on Friday after a 26-year-old female came in with a gunshot wound to the hand. She told officers it happened on East Vance Street but began to tell conflicting stories. The incident is under investigation.

LAURINBURG —Police responded to Maple Street on Sunday after a call about house members assaulting each other. Upon arrival officers found 33-year-old Christopher Locklear with a laceration on his shoulder. He told officers he had gotten into a fight with his grandmother 72-year old Lois Locklear and she had thrown a glass object that hit and cut him as well as hitting him in the head with a pole.

Officers located the grandmother who added that her grandson had hit her in the forehead and showed signs of a red mark from being struck. Both were arrested.

Lois was charged with assault inflicting serious injury and was released on a written promise to appear. Christopher was charged with assault on a female along with other warrants. He was given a $7,800 bond.


LAURINBURG — Police responded to a call from Hall Street about an unknown male walking with copper wiring. Officers believed he had been on the city lot nearby. The male was identified as Timmy Sampson, 50, of East Covington Street and was charged with trespassing and given a $500 bond. However, it is still under investigation as to where he got the wiring.


LAURINBURG — Police responded to the KFC on South Main Street on Sunday after a report of a vehicle in the drive-thru not responding. Officers arrived with a rescue crew to find a black-male, later identified as 25-year-old Christian Jones, slumped over in the car with it still in drive. After getting Jones out of the car officers conducted a sobriety test, and believed Jones to be drunk. He refused a breathalyzer test so he was taken to Scotland Memorial Hospital to be given a blood test. He was charged with driving while impaired and given a $5,000 bond.


LAURINBURG — Tyquan Ellerbe, 30, of Covenant Way was arrested for assault on a female. He was given a $3,000 bond.

LAURINBURG —Jerome Holder, 31, of Ansion Avenue was given a criminal summons for failure to return rental property.

LAURINBURG — Yvonne Clark, 33, of East Covington Street was given a criminal summons for school attendance law violation.

LAURINBURG — DeAngelo Cummings, 30, of Elliot Drive was arrested for a traffic offense order for arrest. He was given a $100 bond.

From local law enforcement