Commissioners approve plan to rid county of mosquitoes

By: Jael Pembrick - Staff writer

LAURINBURG — Next week a bug spray truck may come to your neighborhood, invited by Scotland County commissioners who held a second meeting this month to discuss to pressing problem of mosquitoes.

The county was given $54,000 from the state to deal with the pesky biters, but estimates seemed to exceed that amount — until County Health Director Kristen Patterson reported to the board she had found a company, Mosquito Authority, that fits the budget.

Aerial sprays started over budget at $70,000, so the board voted to approve the spray by truck route, which will be $6,282 per treatment, including lodging for the workers. The county plans to pay for five treatments after the next storm passes, which will be over a time span of five weeks.

“They (the workers) will break up the county into three sections — because the county is so large, we can’t spray everywhere,” Patterson said. “Because we don’t have the funding, we chose the most highly populated areas.”

The route the trucks will spray remained undisclosed, but Patterson said that they chose 216 miles of road the trucks will take in the most populated areas of the county.

For areas with standing water, the health department passed out all dunks they have to the public. They have ordered mosquito spray and hope the product is in by next week so it can be given to the public.

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Jael Pembrick

Staff writer