Eagle to Eagle: Hurricane relief efforts coming

By: Katelin Gandee - Staff writer

LAUREL HILL — Disasters can bring out the worst in people, but after Hurricane Florence, many in the community are seeing the best after help from outside the community.

On Saturday there will be two hurricane relief drives which have been put together by those outside the community.

Carver Middle School will be hosting a drive for students and their families which will have bottled water, canned goods, school supplies, cleaning supplies and more. All the items are being donated by Neal Middle School through their “Eagle to Eagle” relief drive. The school adopted Carver and both schools mascot is an eagle.

Neal Middle’s Eighth-Grade Principal Joseph L. Biggs is a product of Scotland County and grew up in Laurinburg — after Hurricane Florence he went to the district’s website and saw Carver Middle School’s Assistant Principal Charlotte McMillian’s photo, so he contacted her.

“We grew up together and not knowing when he did reach out that our mascots were the same,” McMillian said. “He’s been sending pictures of everything …. It made us feel awesome with them adopting us.”

In order to collect all the items needed Neal Middle has been coming up with ways for people to participate such as bringing items to a football game to get in as admission.

For McMillian, she hopes that this will help people in the area but also show that there is some good in the world.

The Carver drive will be at the middle school from 1 to 2 p.m.

There is also another drive being held in the morning at the central office. The drive is being put together by Waverly Hematology Oncology and several other medical providers out of Cary.

Dr. Mark Graham had wanted to do something but after talking to McMillian’s sister who works for him he changed his mind on the idea.

“Originally he wanted to do some type of dinner but my sister and him sat down and talked about it,” McMillian said. “She talked about getting toiletries and undergarments, basically the things that most people don’t tend to think about and that’s what they did. Their office and all the surrounding offices all participated.”

The event at the central office is at 9 a.m. and is open to anyone who is still being affected by the hurricane.

McMillian is glad to see people coming together to help and bring people together in times of need, especially those who have left the area continuing to help the community.

“It’s an amazing thing to show that these people have moved away from the area but are still coming back to help,” McMillian said.

Carver Middle School is located at 18601 Fieldcrest Road, Laurel Hill.

The AB Gibson Center is the central office and is located at 322 South Main St., Laurinburg.

Katelin Gandee

Staff writer

Reach Katelin Gandee at 910-506-3171 or at [email protected]

Reach Katelin Gandee at 910-506-3171 or at [email protected]