Woman tries to hide from police after breaking into residence

By: Staff report

LAURINBURG — Police here have arrested a woman after she allegedly broke into a residence, then tried to hide from investigating officers.

Police responded to a call Tuesday about a female breaking into a residence on Wagram Street and were told she was still inside.

Officers approached the door and tried to make contact with the woman, but she didn’t respond when they knocked. The officers then contacted the property owner, who came and allowed them into the residence.

Once entering the residence the officers found that the attic door had been damaged and eventually located the woman trying to hide up there.

Officers arrested Shelby Dawn Ferris, 25, who told them that she didn’t have a home address as she was homeless in Laurinburg.

She was charged with breaking and entering, injury to real property and resisting arrest for failing to come out to police when they knocked and for hiding.

Farris was given a $16,500 bond. She had caused $80 in damages to the attic door in the residence.


Staff report