Local Mother continues to press through after Florence destroys her home

By: Jael Pembrick - Staff writer

LAURINBURG — After all the news cameras and national press are gone, displaced residents like Angela Cummings still are in need after Hurricane Florence.

Last week, the mother and her son received help from Baptist Ministry workers who volunteered to help clean, cover her roof and tear out drywall. But the small family didn’t know where they were going next. Now, she reports they are trying to find a place to rent in Scotland County.

“There is only a certain amount of money allotted (and) staying in a hotel eats away at the money going towards work on my home,” said Cummings.

Over the weekend, Cummings said she was grateful for volunteers and people in the community who helped her through such a stressful time.

”The people who did anything for me were the Baptist Ministry workers (who tore walls out of her house) and April Sneed from Department of Social Services who sent workers to give food to us,” said Cummings.

Friday, she ran into Scotland County Sheriff Ralph Kersey and his wife Angie, and things changed.

“They listened to my story and personally got us a room at Quality Inn,” added Cummings.

Cummings shared with the Kerseys her frustration about the agencies that are supposed to help during a time of natural disaster.

“I feel let down by the agencies that are paid to help — without my neighbors and community I do not know what we would have done,” said Cummings. “I called everyone on the disaster resource list including 211 and I either did not get an answer or told me they could not help and I was referred to someone else.”

Cummings is one family of many looking for apartments in a county that had a small number of apartments to begin with. After the hurricane, that number has decreased even more because of flooded apartments. The Red Cross shelters were only temporary.

Like a rose growing in concrete, Cummings remains positive.

“I know that God is watching over us and we will be fine, I pray for forgiveness for those that need it and pray they never face the challenges we have,” she said.

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Jael Pembrick

Staff writer