Garlic and herb butter steak is a personal favorite

I’m pretty sure I’ve said this before, but just in case I didn’t — while my diet mostly consists of chicken and seafood I do try to get red meat in there at least once a week. Typically that red meat ends up being steak.

So that’s what we’re doing for this week’s article, my go-to steak recipe: garlic and herb butter steak. Now let me put this out there … No. 1, I don’t have a grill; No. 2, I like my steaks medium-rare if not rare.

Since I don’t have a grill I use a cast-iron skillet because those things can handle heat — and if you need to cook your steak a little longer you can put it in the oven, which I had been doing at first but honestly I was over-cooking it so I stopped and just left it on the stove.

Second, this recipe will end up popping grease at you so be prepared for that, as well as being prepared for your stove to be a disaster afterward. If you’ve fried things before this is basically how your kitchen is going to look and it gets everywhere.

While you can probably use any type of steak you want for this recipe I tend to stick with rib-eye steak. I just really like the fattiness of it and the flavor it gives.

This is honestly just what I do every time I cook steak because it’s simple and tastes pretty good, if I do say so myself.

Also for those questioning why I try to have red meat once a week, it’s because of the iron. I used to take iron pills in high school but stopped while I was in college, so I try to keep my levels up by eating a bit of red meat once a week. I also just really like steak and it’s an excuse to have it once a week.

The recipe also tastes better with fresh basil but as summer is coming to an end the basil is also coming to an end so the basil you get in seasonings works just as well.


Ingredients …

1 rib-eye steak

1 tablespoon of olive oil

1 tablespoon of butter

1/2 tablespoon of garlic

Lemon juice

Salt and Pepper




Instructions …

Layout your steak to get it to room temperature, do not cook the steak straight out the fridge.

Heat your cast-iron skillet on high heat. While the skillet is heating up take your butter and add to a microwavable container.

Add garlic and as much basil and parsley as you’d like to the butter then put in the microwave and melt. Mix together and put to the side.

Before the steak goes in the skillet sprinkle both sides with salt and pepper. Once the skillet is hot add the steak. While one side is searing add lemon juice, flip, and do the same to the other.

If you want yours cooked rare or medium rare turn down the heat and continue searing for another few minutes on each side then add the butter mixture on top. Remove from heat and let sit for five to 10 minutes, then enjoy.

For those who want to cook a bit longer, turn the oven to a broil while cooking and once the steak is seared put in the oven. For medium do around one and a half minutes per side and add a minute or so per level of done-ness.

After it’s done add the butter mixture then remove and let sit for five to 10 minutes and enjoy.