Florence claims second life in Robeson

By: Staff report

MARIETTA — A 51-year-old Franklinville woman has become the second Hurricane Florence-related fatality in Robeson County.

According to a report by Trooper B.L. Bullard, of the state Highway Patrol, Sheryl Holt died on Sunday while driving on N.C. 904 about three miles south of Marietta when her car plunged into some water. The report said Holt was driving a Kia Sorento south toward Fair Bluff when she steered around a traffic barrier. About a mile later, her car hit a washed-out area of the road, left the road to the right and plunged upside down into the water and completely submerged.

It’s unknown when the accident happened, but firefighters checking the area reported it to the Highway Patrol at 8:03 p.m.

An 83-year-old Maxton man died on Sept. 16 when his car plunged into a sinkhole caused by flooding related to Florence.

The Franklinville woman and Maxton man are the only know casualties related to the hurricane in Robeson County.

Staff report