Local shelter and volunteers save furry friends during Florence

By: Jael Pembrick - Staff writer

LAURINBURG — As Hurricane Florence swept over the Carolinas with high winds and raining cats and dogs, the Scotland County Humane Society and its volunteers were gearing up to rescue and care for stranded animals.

Animal Adoption Coordinator Jerusha Crifasi credits the community for coming together to save local pets. She said because of where the hurricane made landfall, the Humane Society prepared for an increase of animals beforehand were able to move animals out to volunteer homes.

“We are thankful for the outpouring (of help) from the community …, we had up to 20 volunteers help remove tree limbs and clean up the play yard,” said Crifasi.

Crifasi added that she is thankful for the volunteers who helped in many ways — and mentioned one in particular.

“A local citizen, Bo Frizzell, opened his home up and allowed families and pets to stay,” said Crifasi, “Thanks to his generosity, we were able to focus on sadder cases with medical attention.”

Cristafi reported that a few animals came in waterlogged — some with broken bones, ringworms, or both.

During the storm, the shelter received calls asking if the shelter could take in pets and were told they could not take owned pets, but loaned out kennels to families who needed to leave their homes.

Not only did volunteers and Humane Society representatives protect the lives of local dogs and cats, but at least one cat brought new life during the storm.

“A pregnant cat came and had her litter,” Crifasi said, “(and) she needed medical attention too.”

During the storm, power went out and the staff became worried about losing necessary medicines. Luckily, the county’s Emergency Medical Services lent a helping hand.

“The EMS let us store vaccines in their fridge,” said Crifasi. “That would have been a huge monetary depletion for us.”

The shelter has received and are still receiving donations.

“We are anticipating donations from up north — Amazon has already sent dog food,” said Crifasi, adding that Moore County Food Bank also donated food and supplies for the shelter.

To donate or volunteer, visit www.scotlandhumane.org or call 910-276-9271.

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Jael Pembrick

Staff writer