Water giveaway set for Laurinburg

By: W.Curt Vincnet - Editor

LAURINBURG — Like many others in the direct path of Hurricane Florence, Dee Rainer took refuge two hours to the west in Charlotte.

But her head and heart stayed home in Laurinburg.

“I was safe and dry, but I couldn’t stop thinking about the people of Laurinburg and the communities there that were suffering,” said Rainer, who is the CEO of Renew Life Group. “I knew I needed to do something.”

So Rainer began sending text messages — lots of them.

“I just asked friend, my inner circle, for hep,” she said. “I asked them for donations of bottled water or money to purchase bottled water.”

What Rainer got back was pleasing and stunning.

By Thursday morning, about 300 cases of bottled water was in her possession, with enough donated money left to purchase another 120 cases.

“Friends really helped out,” she said. “They heard how my community was hurting and they just stepped up for us.”

Rainer said she will return to Laurinburg on Thursday and begin distributing the bottled water to anyone who is in need. That distribution will take place at the Renew Life Group offices, located at 118C James St. in Laurinburg, behind the Scotland County Sheriff’sOffice.

That’s despite the fact the Renew Life Group offices took heavy damage from Hurricane Florence last weekend.

“We were flooded out, our roof caved in and we lost our van,” Rainer said. “But we won’t have anyone coming into the building — instead, we will have the water set up in front near the front door on the handicapped ramp.”

The giveaway will also be held on Friday and last until the water is gone.

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W.Curt Vincnet