Florence rain forces Laurinburg residents to evacuate

By: Jael Pembrick - Staff Writer

LAURINBURG — The Emergency Operations Center has all hands on deck Sunday morning as the rain continues to cause flooding and evacuations. Saturday night, some residents in the flood plain areas were evacuated due to rising water levels.

County Manager Assistant Travis Allen reports Scotland High School sheltered 125 people last night. Some returned home in the morning and 91 residents remain.

Allen said on Saturday, all six circuits were restored to power the city. Florence winds and rain knocked out four overnight-leaving some residents again without power.

“Additional crews are out helping the city (electric department crews) restore power,” said Allen. “A lot of trees that knocked down powerlines, they have been restored.”

Florence rain continues to impact the county and the EOC expects to four to eight more inches of rain.

Laurinburg residents are slowly coming out for gas and food. Some gas stations and restaurants are open. Wal-mart is letting 20 people in at a time.

“We still are encouraging people to stay indoors,” Allen said. “Curfew is still in effect.”

Jael Pembrick

Staff Writer