By: From local law enforcement


LAURINBURG — Two residents of East Vance Street reported the police department on Thursday that someone had broken into their car and took several items. The items included a purse with a wallet containing credit cards, a Social Security card and birth certificate, along a second Social Security card and birth certificate with a necklace, work documents, multiple medicines totaling $106 and $200 in cash. The victim believed that the vehicle had been left unsecured.

LAURINBURG — A resident of Rosemary Lane reported the police department on Thursday that unknown persons had broken into his vehicle and stole a semi-automatic pistol valued at $300 from it.

LAURINBURG — A resident of Longleaf Drive reported the police department on Thursday that someone had broken into the home through an accidentally unlocked side door. Stolen were three rifles, two handguns, a shotgun, a TV, a Playstation, 10 Playstation games, two Playstation controllers, an X-Box 360, a Dell laptop, a Galaxy phone, and a Dewalt battery totaling over $4,800. The victim told police it had happened two days prior and when she came home noticed the side door open and the items missing.

LAURINBURG — Tara Village Apartments on Tara Drive reported the police department on Friday that someone who had been evicted from the property was still inside the apartment. Police located Jamaal Campbell, 36, outside in the back of the property. He told police he had been evicted but needed someplace to stay so he wasn’t outside in the storm. He also told police that he was told by management and a sheriff’s deputy that he was evicted and had to leave the property the day before. He was given a criminal summons for breaking and entering.

Drug violation

LAURINBURG — A police officer conducted a traffic stop Thursday afternoon for an expired license plate. When talking to the occupants the officers noticed a clear plastic capsule that had marijuana in it, but that the passenger Brittany Harris, 28, had hidden during the search. The driver, 28-year-old Delton Ray Jr., and Harris were both searched. Items found included two clear plastic capsules, 1.4 grams and marijuana and Oxycodone on Ray.

Harris was cited with simple possession of marijuana and drug paraphernalia. Ray was cited for possession of Schedule II drug, possession of drug paraphernalia, driving with no operators license, and driving on expired tags. They were both released and given a court date.


LAURINBURG — Marcus Hopkins, 45, of Sally McNair Road was arrested Thursday for an outstanding warrant for possession of a controlled substance in a jail and being habitual felon. He was given a $10,000 bond.

From local law enforcement