Special events set for Bridge-at-the-Village

LAURINBURG — Everyone experiences advanced aging, as toddlers become runners, children become teenagers, adolescents become adults, and adults become senior citizens, or “old persons” as a comic recently called them.

But many of these last resist revealing their true ages: for instance, “I’m 29 forever.” This is not true, however, for the members of the Bridge-at-the-Village Club who will be presented Golden Age Master certificates at a special game Monday evening, Sept. 17.

This special category has been set up by the American Contract Bridge League to recognize the achievements of older members. The two ways to qualify to become a Golden Age Master are: 1. Be 70 years of age and have won 300 master points, or 2. be 80 years of age and have won 100 master points.

Bridge-at-the-Village has eight members who willingly confess their 80-plus years of age and who have also each won more than 100 master points.

The players who will be awarded their Golden Age Master certificates at the game Monday evening are: Jacque Doubles, Mac Doubles, Betty Hasty, Norma Jones, Jim Lockamy, Joanne Martin, Lil Owens and Millie Yongue.

Bridge-at-the-Village is the only ACBL-sanctioned club between Charlotte and Wilmington on the highway 74 line. It hosts a sanctioned game awarding master points to the winners every Monday evening, starting at 6 p.m. in the Scotia Village Café.

Visitors are always welcome and a partner is available for individuals who appear alone.