Local church prepares for 10th annual yard sale

By: Jael Pembrick - Staff writer

LAURINBURG — A box of buttons is $2, shoes start at just five bucks … great deals await those who choose to wake up early on Saturday.

St. Mary’s Catholic Church is hosting its 10th annual yard sale from 7 a.m. to noon with an ethnic twist on the food sold.

“When a person moves or people pass away, they donate a lot of things.” said volunteer Sandy Robbins.

Robbins started taking donations back in June. The church’s Parish Hall is now filled — four rooms and a hallway — with various items priced low so everyone cay buy. The objects are sorted by rooms — the electronics room, toys room, holiday room, and main room that holds various items and the food. The rare dolls, clocks and a silverware set also are priced reasonably.

“Our prices are extremely low, we have even gone lower this year,” Robbins said.

Desks, cabinets, a washer and dryer, exercise equipment, mirrors and more are all laid out and prepared for the coming day.

“The children love to come in here because … their mother gives them a dollar and they come out with loads of stuff and they really like that,” Fran Rivellese, another volunteer, says.

Along with the home-cooked hamburgers and hot dogs, Robbins was excited to share about the Filipino dishes that will also for sale during the day, including spring rolls, beef on a stick, pork on a stick and more.

“We have a Filipino community here and they love to cook and their food is excellent,” Robbins said. “So they have a chance to show it off (then) they donate the money to the yard sale.”

The proceeds go to funding the church and the events it holds for the community.

“At Thanksgiving we complete meals for six families, and have a giving tree at Christmas time (that helps ) 10 families,” Robbins said

The Department of Social Services gives the church members lists from families in need and the list consist of toys, clothes and food. Those lists hang on the tree and parishioners buy what is needed and give it to the families.

Robbins and Rivellese both hope all of the objects are sol Saturday, but have a backup plan for what little remains.

“Whatever we have left, we donate to Habit for Humanity,” Robbins adds.

Only cash is accepted and the food will be ready the same time the occasion starts.

The event will be held inside the church, located at 800 S. Main St. in Laurinburg.




Jael Pembrick

Staff writer