By: From local law enforcement


LAURINBURG — A resident of Midland Way reported to the police department on Tuesday that unknown persons had broken into his home and stole a checkbook that was under his mattress. Later he noticed a large sum of money taken from his account and was told by the bank that a white male and a black male had come in and cashed three checks with his signature. The bank provided the men’s information as well as copies of the checks. The incident is still under investigation.

Financial card theft

LAURINBURG — A Laurel Hill woman reported to the police department on Tuesday that her debit card had been taken. The victim told police she had lasted used it at the Dollar Tree in Holly Square and doesn’t know if she left it there or dropped it in the parking lot, but later she got a statement from her bank about a $9 purchase from Carlie C’s IGA grocery store located next door to the Dollar Tree. The victim canceled the card and the investigation is on-going.


LAURINBURG — Michael Goodwin, 24, of Gibson Road, Gibson was arrested Tuesday for simple assault. He wasn’t given a bond.

From local law enforcement