County Commissioners discuss policy changes

By: Jael Pembrick - Staff writer

Scotland County Board Commissioners had as healthy debate Monday night, to discuss a few topics that were put on hold form the last board meeting.

The board talked about building a consolidated Human Service Agency board to strengthen and bring up to pace some of the county’s policies that are behind and do not match up with the state policies. They in the end agreed to hire Drake Maynard to rewrite the laws so they are equivalent to the state. These improvements would affect any workers in human services. For example, the change would make the pay grade of human service workers in the county more competitive with other counties. This would attract more qualified professionals to come to Scotland county to work in areas like the county health department and department of social services.

Commissioner Cathy McCall shared that she knows many counties who made the change and are very happy and then their are some who chose not to do it.

“This is not a one shoe fits all situation” McCall stated.

“I’m glad that there have been improvements with DSS and..I think we should take their advice and we should table it.” added Commissioner Betty Blue Gholston.

The board agreed to table consolidation until they see how house bill 630 goes and after the state approves the rewritten policies which could take up to eight months.

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Jael Pembrick

Staff writer