By: From local law enforcement


LAURINBURG — A resident of Lakewood Drive reported to the police department on Friday that his residence was broken into. The door frame had $500 worth of damage and $500 of change had been taken.

LAURINBURG — A resident of Lytch Street reported to the police department on Saturday that his vehicle had been broken into and a money order worth $325 had been taken out of the glovebox.

LAURINBURG — A resident of Carver Street reported to the police department on Saturday that her apartment had been broken into from the backdoor. Taken was a 44-inch TV valued at $3,000. There was $60 damage to the backdoor.

LAURINBURG — A resident of Wooster Street reported to the police department on Saturday that unknown persons had entered her vehicle and stole her purse. The small purse contained a bank card, credit card, assorted baby oil, jewelry, medicines and a birth certificate totalling around $240.

LAURINBURG — A resident of Elizabeth Drive reported to the police department on Sunday that someone had broken into his car. He told police when he came out in the morning he noticed his driver’s side door open and cars scattered throughout the vehicle. Taken from the car was a speaker, speaker amplifier and tool bag with assorted tools totaling $1,300. The speaker and tool bag were found later by a resident nearby.

LAURINBURG — A car left on Stewartsville Road on Saturday night was broken into and vandalized. The victim reported the incident to the police department on Sunday. When she returned she told police that the back window had been broken out and white paint poured on the hood, trunk and windows. There was $60 in cash stolen from her wallet that she had left in the car and an estimated $800 of damage.


LAURINBURG — A resident of Biggs Street reported to the police department on Sunday that two black males in hoodies and robbed him in his home at gunpoint. The victim told police that he had heard a knock at the door and, when he opened it, two males forced their way in and demanded money. The men then forced him into the bedroom where they pushed him to the ground and one held a gun to his head while the other searched the room. After various threats the victim told the men where he had kept money in his dresser and the two men left heading south. The pair stole $800.


LAURINBURG — A resident of Surrey Drive reported to the police department on Friday that someone had used her information to open a Sprint account. She was sent charges for the account and told police and Sprint that she had never had Sprint. She was able to provide police with the account information.


LAURINBURG — A resident of Beman Avenue reported to the police department on Friday that he had been involved in a Craigslist scam. The victim said that he had responded to a car ad for a 2009 Toyota Camry and sent $1,600 to the seller. The seller then said he needed to send more money. He got in contact with customer care and they said it was invalid.


LAURINBURG — Police responded to a call on Friday around South Pine and Welch streets about the discharge of a firearm inside the city limits. Police located the caller who said that a man had been riding his bike when an unknown person began firing at him. The victim was located uninjured and said he had no idea who the man was. The officers were unable to locate any shell casings.


LAURINBURG — During a police license license checkpoint on Marcella and Washington streets Saturday, an officer noticed a vehicle approaching at a high rate of speed and when they got close to the check point an object thrown from the vehicle. The item ended up being a beer can. Officers went the vehicle being driven by 25-year-old Christian Jones, and detected a strong smell of alcohol. He was taken for testing and arrested and charged for driving while impaired. He was also cited for littering, driving with an open container and exceeding the posted speed limit. He was given a $300 bond.


LAURINBURG —Police were called to a home on Stonewall Road after a 911 hang up. Upon arrival police spoke with Sherry Fairall, 38, who told police she had been arguing with her fiance and he began destroying the home. When police spoke with the fiance, he told a similar story, but he told police that Fairall had picked up scissors and tried to stab him with them. He had used his arm to protect himself and showed officers the mark from the scissors. Fairall was arrested for assault with a deadly weapon and not given a bond.


LAURINBURG — Keayre Allen, 21, of South Caledonia Road was arrested on Friday after a traffic stop. Allen was pulled over for running through a stop-sign with an officer behind him. When stopped the officer smelled marijuana in which Allen said he had thrown a blunt out the window. The officer searched him, finding nothing, and the car, where he found a concealed Glock handgun. The handgun had been reported stolen and Allen was charged with possession of a stolen firearm and concealing a firearm. He was also given a citation for failure to stop at stop sign, fictitious registration, and not carrying a license. He was given a $7,500 bond.

LAURINBURG — James Gross, 22, of Fox Hunt Lane, Fayetteville, was arrested Monday after being pulled over for speeding on Main Street. Officers smelled marijuana and performed a search of the car. The search revealed one-half gram of crack cocaine, two-tenths of a gram of marijuana and 15 dosage units of marijuana, all of which were seized. Gross was charged with three counts of drug violations and one count of possession of drug paraphernalia. He was given a $20,000 bond.

LAURINBURG —Adrian Huggins, 23, of Harry Malloy Road was arrested Monday for failure to appear and given a $500 bond.

From local law enforcement