Local Humane Society joins ‘Clear the Shelter’ event

By: Jael Pembrick - Staff Writer

LAURINBURG — It’s a day that many dogs and cats have been looking forward to, if they could.

The annual Clear the Shelters event will be held across the country — including at Scotland County Humane Society, and representatives there are hoping the event will help pets find good homes.

Normally the cat adoption fee is $75, but, for Saturday, cats are half off and they have specials for the barn cats. The dog adoption fee stays the same at $125.

”We love working with families to find that special pet that fits them,” says Jerusha Crifafi, cat adoption coordinator. “We value life here and, when they leave, we want the owners to do the same.”

She added that all cats and dogs are vetted and tested to be safe to bring home.

“They are spayed, neutered, and (receive) full vaccinations,” she said.

After a six-year hiatus from the national event, the shelter wants to try again and this time, they have a game plan.

Interested adopters must first apply and be approved to adopt the animal, because some have different needs that have to be met and the shelter wants to make sure the pets are properly taken care of. They also want to make sure a family or individual knows what they are signing up for.

Crifafi explains that, the last time the shelter participated, many owners ended up with”buyer’s remorse.” Then, the shelters ended up taking many of the animals back, defeating the purpose of the event in the first place.

“We work diligently to help realize what the applicant is getting into … if we do it right, homeless animals numbers will decrease (in the area).” she said.

The cat or dog’s pictures and names are listed on their website, making it easier to choose and directly apply for the pet one prefers.

Crifafi recommends applying online at www.scotlandhumane.org. To visit, the Scotland Humane Society is located at 1401 West Blvd. in Laurinburg.

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Jael Pembrick

Staff Writer