Bullying seminar being offered to the public

By: Katelin Gandee - Staff writer

LAUREL HILL — Just before the school year begins, one seminar is focusing on bullying in hopes of combating it.

Willie Mae Dockery Cole has worked in health care for 19 years and came up with the idea for a bullying seminar when her daughter was being bullied in her first year of middle school.

“I want kids to know what bullying is,” she said. “When to report someone that is bullying them, who to report to, and to find a reliable person to say something to them about the person that is bullying them.”

The seminar is about giving students the opportunity to know how to identify bullying as well as understanding where they can go and to have the confidence in someone to tell whats happening.

“Kids nowadays are taking their lives and feel that the only way out of bullying situation is suicide,” Cole said. “We want to help as many kids we can.”

There will be two classes, one for adults and one for the children. While the children will focus mainly on the bullying, the adults will be able to learn self-defense.

While Cole will be hosting the event along with Lillie Moody-Ray, Anthony Moss will be the instructor.

Moss is flying from Texas to come back to where he grew up, Scotland County. Moss is part owner of Precious Ones Learning Center as well as the owner and lead instructor of Leatherneck Square Fitness and Training located in Harker Heights, Texas.

“Even though I don’t live in Scotland County anymore I will never forget where I came from,” Moss said. “With this class, we hope to educate the youth on how to deal with bullying and protect themselves from strangers.”

At Precious Ones Learning Center, after school children are taught self-defense from strangers as well as learning how to handle bullying, making Moss perfect for instructing with the seminar.

“At the end of the day we all want the same thing, a safer and better community,” Moss said. “I don’t want another child killing themselves or others because they didn’t know how to deal with bullying or felt as though they have no one to talk to.”

He is also a licensed A.C.W.A. self-defense and combative instructor as well as severing eight years in the Marines, six in the Army, and seven years as a police officer.

The class is being held on Aug. 18 at the Laurel Hill Recreation Gym at 14940 Church Street. The student bullying seminar will be from noon to 2 p.m. and will cost $15. The adult defense and combative seminar will be from 2 to 4 p.m. and will cost $25. Those who wish to participate can sign up at the event.

The costs help includes food and a certificate for completing the seminar.

For information contact Willie Mae Dockery Cole at [email protected]

Katelin Gandee

Staff writer

Reach Katelin Gandee at 910-506-3171 or at [email protected]

Reach Katelin Gandee at 910-506-3171 or at [email protected]