‘Good News’ brings several submissions this week

By: Staff report

This week’s list of “Good News” submissions include the following …

Erin Shelley, 25, of Laurel Hill is preparing to compete later this month in the World Championship Horse Show in Louisville, Ky. — often referred to as the World Series of saddlebred horses.” Shelley will be showing her horse Lacy, which she has raised from a baby and competes under the name of “Touch of Lace,” in the Ladies 5 Gated Mare Class.

— Laurinburg native John Goodwin was recently hired as the major gifts officer at Portland (Oregon) Art Museum. Goodwin, a Scotland High SCchool honors graduate, is also the owner of the circa 1893 Central Hotel in Laurinburg and plans to turn the two-story building into a downstairs restaurant and potential second-floor offices or art studios.

Walter T. Jackson III has been appointed to a four-year term on the Richmond Community College’s Board of Trustees. Jackson is a career educator in the region with volunteer experience and civic club memberships.

The town of Wagram this week hoisted up eight “welcome” banners in its downtown area on Main Street. Four of the blue-and-white banners simply state “Welcome” to passing motorists, while hte other four have the silhouette of a person paddling a canoe with the words “Town of Wagram” and “Home of the Lumber River.”

The city of Laurinburg brought more than 2,500 visitors to the area last month for the Dixie Softball State Championships and sparked the influx of an estimated $750,000 into the local economy.

Staff report