Civitas Action lists final legislators’ rankings

By: W. Curt Vincent - Editor

RALEIGH – Scotland County’s members in the General Assembly were all part of the annual rankings performed recently by Civitas Action, a conservative rating system that allows residents of North Carolina to determine how their state legislators vote on important bills.

Based on that, a score is created that “better determines each member’s overall ideological stance on critical issues,” according to Donald Bryson, president of Civitas Action.

“We had a relatively short list of grade-worthy bills this session, which helped enable several perfect scores,” Bryson added. “We are encouraged to see not only the perfect scores in our rankings but most legislators in each chamber posted scores of 80 or higher.”

Scotland County’s members in the General Assembly includes Sen. Tom McInnis, a Republican who has represented Senate District 25 since 2014; Rep. Garland Pierce, a Democrat who has represented House District 48 since 2004; and Rep. Ken Goodman, a Democrat who has represented House District 66 for the past four terms.

According to the Civitas Action rankings for 2018 — along with a new feature of “lifetime rankings” — the three local legislators graded out as follows:

— McInnis received a score of 85.7 out of 100 in 2018, which ranks him No. 22, and has a lifetime score of 78.3.

— Pierce received a score of 40.0 out of 100, which ranks him No. 82, and has a lifetime score of 29.44.

— Goodman received a score of 28.6 out of 100, which ranks him No. 109, and has a lifetime score of 43.55.

There were a total of 13 perfect scores — 11 in the House and two in the Senate.

The rankings include legislative votes on three of the constitutional amendments appearing on ballots this November, as well as votes on critical issues such as the Build NC Bond Act, early voting, rural health and occupational licensure.

On the Senate side, the highest-scoring Democrat is Erica Smith-Ingram, who tied for 33rd with a score of 71.4. Meanwhile, the lowest-scoring Republicans are David Curtis and Jim Davis, both tied for 35th with a score of 66.7.

In the House, the highest scoring Democrat is Kelly Alexander with a score of 50, good for 76th place. The lowest-scoring Republican is Craig Horn, ranking 75th with a score of 75.

Civitas Action has been producing its annual legislative ranking since the 2008 legislative session.

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Pierce, McInnis improve scores; Goodman slips

W. Curt Vincent