Multiple items stolen from home on Willow Drive

By: Staff report

LAURINBURG — A resident of Willow Drive told Laurinburg police on Thursday a number of video game items had been stolen from her home — then called back several hours later to report additional items had been found missing.

The woman originally contacted police in the afternoon to report the larceny, saying that 10 Xbox 360 games, an Xbox controller and an iPhone 6 Plus totaling $220 were taken.

At about midnight that same day, the victim called back to report that a 55-inch television, a 20-inch television, an Xbox 360, an Xbox controller and two pairs of Nike shoes, all totaling $1,200 were also missing.

It is unclear in the reports if the items were taken at the same time or if the victim left and the other items were taken.

The incident is under investigation and there are no suspects at this time.

Staff report