By: From local law enforcement


LAURINBURG — The police department responded to an alarm at Faith Joy Outreach Ministry on North Main Street Monday. Upon arrival officers noticed the back door was open with no damage, the officers then looked around the church and didn’t find anyone inside. Officers also noticed a broken window on the south side of the building and found a wooden pole on a bench inside surrounded by broken glass. Nothing was reported missing.


LAURINBURG — The Speedway on South Main Street reported to the police department Tuesday that a male came into the store and stole a single bottle of Corona from a six-pack. The store clerk told police that a man and a woman came into the store and the male went to the beer while the woman came to him. He thought that the woman was trying to distract him. The male then tried to leave but the door was locked and, as he went to go out the other door, the clerk confronted him because he could see the bottle sticking out from his pants. The man and woman then left and headed toward Biggs Street. The male is described as medium colored wearing jeans and a red, white, and blue tank top in his early 20s.


LAURINBURG — A resident of Hammond Drive to the police department on Tuesday that unknown persons had damaged the side of his car. The victim told police he believed that someone had kicked the passenger side door of his car multiple times causing around $500 of damage.


LAURINBURG — Teddy Norton Jr., 33, of Appomattox Circle was arrested Monday for outstanding warrants. He was charged with assault on a female and reckless driving to endanger. He was released on a written promise to appear.

LAURINBURG — Tyeshia Love, 20, of South Caledonia Road was arrested Monday for disorderly conduct and trespassing. She was given a $3,000 bond

LAURINBURG — Diamon McLean, 22, of X-Way Road was arrested Monday for aggravated assault, simple assault, and communicating threats. He wasn’t given a bond.

From local law enforcement