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By: Katelin Gandee - Staff writer
Katelin Gandee | Laurinburg Exchange Steelhead Trout with a tomato white wine sauce is a quick and easy meal to prepare.

As someone “fresh out of college” and who lives alone with her cat, most people are surprised to learn that I almost never eat out.

Every week I try to plan out my meals to have leftovers for lunches at work — or I’ll meal prep on Sunday for the upcoming week. While I tend to scour Pinterest for my recipes, typically I end up combining multiple ones or just throwing what I have in my fridge together.

My lunches of leftover and meal preps have become a daily question at the office of “what did you make today” and if I get something from Zaxby’s or other fast-food chains, they wonder out loud if there was an apocalypse.

I learned to cook from my mom and she was notorious for just throwing ingredients together and hoping for the best — which is now what I do. She also taught me about the squeeze garlic you can buy to save yourself from chopping it up every time you cook (which I personally do not have time for) and still tastes the same.

I’ve gotten pretty good at just looking at my typically bare fridge and overflowing freezer to figure out what I’m fixing. Recently I noticed some tomatoes I had purchased were probably close to going bad, so I decided to pair them with some fish and see how it turned out.

What I ended up creating was Steelhead Trout with a tomato white wine sauce — one of the best things I think I’ve managed to cook. I’m sure the sauce would also work with whatever fish you wanted, I’m thinking of trying it on some salmon, and even if you aren’t someone who likes fish the sauce is great on pasta too. I fixed that the next day, however, I would recommend putting some tomato sauce in the mix just to give a little bit more flavor.

The recipe is pretty simple and for the most part healthy, which is what I strive for, because when I get home from work I prefer not to cook for 40 minutes before sitting down to eat. I also grow my own basil, parsley and rosemary to flavor my food, which tastes so much better than anything out of a bottle, in my opinion.

Honestly, the recipe is just going with your gut on what fish you want, what kind of tomatoes, and what kind of wine you want to create the meal with. I had two options of wine in my cabinet to chose from, a chardonnay and moscato, but I figured the moscato would be too sweet so I used the chardonnay, which is more of a dry wine. It works great because you can cook with it and have a glass with your meal.

The recipe only takes about 15 minutes and it pairs great with some garlic roasted asparagus or just by itself. It is also phenomenal the next day as leftovers for lunch.

The following is almost the exact recipe I followed — like I said, I don’t measure so this was an educated guess.

What you’ll need

Two filets of Steelhead Trout

A cup of cherry tomatoes cut in half

Three tablespoons of garlic

Two cut leaves of fresh basil

Four cut leaves of fresh parsley

A cup of dry white wine

Two tablespoons of olive oil

Salt and pepper to taste

For the sauce

Add a tablespoon of olive oil to a pan and heat on medium-high.

Add the two tablespoons of garlic and the cup of tomatoes. Cook the tomatoes until they’re soft but still hold their shape.

Add the white wine and cook until the sauce is boiling then turn heat to low until fish is ready.

For the fish

Heat the over to 400 degrees. While the oven is heating mix place the trout on a baking sheet then add a tablespoon of olive oil and a tablespoon of garlic and brush over the fish. Once the oven is ready to bake it for about 10 to 15 minutes. The trout will easily flake apart when it’s cooked. Once it’s cooked place is in the sauce and use a spoon to cover it in the sauce and tomatoes.

Then enjoy.

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Katelin Gandee | Laurinburg Exchange Steelhead Trout with a tomato white wine sauce is a quick and easy meal to prepare. Gandee | Laurinburg Exchange Steelhead Trout with a tomato white wine sauce is a quick and easy meal to prepare.

Katelin Gandee

Staff writer