Some tips for vehicle theft prevention

RALEIGH — July marks National Vehicle Theft Prevention Month and the North Carolina Division of Motor Vehicles wants to remind drivers to keep their cars, trucks and other vehicles locked. According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, a vehicle is stolen every 41 seconds.

In 2017, the DMV License and Theft Bureau recovered 1,346 stolen vehicles valued at $10.2 million.

The state’s most popular vehicles stolen were Honda Accords and full-size Ford pickup trucks.

“Just make sure you keep your vehicles locked at all times,” said DMV License and Theft Capt. J.T. Ratliff. “Don’t keep an extra set of keys in the car. In addition, hide your valuables. Make your car look unassuming and uninteresting to a would be criminal.”

There are several ways for drivers to help prevent vehicle theft. Some include:

— Parking in well-lit areas;

— Locking all doors and closing windows when you park;

— Not leaving your vehicle unattended while it is running;

— Not leaving your keys in the your vehicle; and

— Always concealing your valuables.

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