Newspaper increases weekday price to $1 at racks

LAURINBURG — The Laurinburg Exchange recently implemented a price change for weekday newspapers purchased at racks, newsstands and at the newspaper office.

“Because of climbing costs for newsprint, ink and other equipment related to publishing a newspaper over recent months, it’s become necessary to increase the cost for single-copy newspapers from 50 cents to $1,” explained Althea Simpson, general manager of the newspaper. “It’s not something we’ve wanted to pass along to our customers, but because of these recent increases, we just have no choice.”

The last price increase for the weekday editions of the Exchange was more than a decade ago. The cost of the Saturday edition was raised to $1 about four years ago.

“We encourage our readers to invest in a subscription to the Exchange by paying monthly, quarterly, six months or for a full full year,” Simpson said. “Subscription costs are not going up and remain a good bargain for our readers.“

The costs for home-delivery of the Exchange are: one month is $11.74; three months is $38.43; six months is $69.39; and one year is $138.78.

Subscription costs not increasing