Police probe theft of similar cars

By: By Beth Lawrence - Staff reporter

LAURINBURG — Police are looking for the thief or thieves responsible for stealing two nearly identical cars in the same night.

The first car, a silver 2015 Chrysler 200 was taken from convenience store at approximately 7:45 p.m., according to Assistant Police Chief Terry Chavis.

The victim, a resident of Hobbiton Road, Laurel Hill had stopped at the Speedway at 1511 South Main Street and left the vehicle running.

“The victim stated that she got out of the car to get a movie from Red Box. She said she heard a bump but didn’t think anything of it,” Chavis said. “Then she heard what sounded like a vehicle going into reverse. She turned to look and saw a black male in the driver’s seat leaving with her vehicle.”

The man backed her car up a few feet and stopped to let another suspect in the passenger seat. The pair fled north on Atkinson Street in the woman’s car.

The vehicle valued at $23,000 was later recovered when police responded to a call on Douglas Street.

At 8:51 p.m. police were again called about a stolen silver 2012 Chrysler 200 stolen from Washington Park Convenience Store on Vance Street.

The victim, a resident of Vance Street told police that he too had left the car running.

“He left it running with the door unlocked and went in the store. When he returned, he witnessed his car traveling toward First Street on East Vance Street,” Chavis said.

The victim told police that he had seen a man walking in the area before he entered the store.

The second car valued at $17,000 was recovered Thursday afternoon in Charlotte.

Police are treating the thefts as unrelated, according to Chavis.

Anyone with information on either theft is asked to call the Laurinburg Police Department at 910-276-3211.

In an unrelated vehicle theft, Scotland County Sheriff’s Office recovered a stolen, black 2014 Ford Explorer valued at $15,000 in an area off US 74 in Laurinburg.

The SUV was taken from a home on Clanton Road in Charlotte.

By Beth Lawrence

Staff reporter

Reach Beth Lawrence 910-506-3169

Reach Beth Lawrence 910-506-3169