Police investigate ‘rain’ of bullets

By: By Beth Lawrence - Staff reporter

LAURINBURG — Police are investigating what led up to Kinston Street being showered in a hail of bullets Wednesday night.

Laurinburg Police Department responded to a call for multiple shots fired at 7:45 p.m., according to Capt. Chris Young.

“Upon arrival they noticed vehicles in the parking spaces on the north side and south side of the street had been struck and damaged” Young said. “Multiple casings were in the found in the roadway next to the vehicles as well as on Asheville Street.”

During the investigation officers determined that the six cars had damages totaling at least $4,500. They also found that at least one car and one home in the vicinity were occupied with the victims including a one year-old boy. No one was injured in the incident.

Witnesses told police that more than one person was involved in the shooting.

“They didn’t say how many, but it appears that there was a group on north side and a group on the south side shooting across the street at another one,” Young said. “Based on the recovered shell casings, we know that there was more than one gun, meaning more than one shooter.”

The incident is still being investigated.

In what is being treated as an unrelated shooting, a resident of Atkinson Street reported to police that a bullet hit her home and shattered a window at around the same time as the incident on Kinston Street.

The 71-year-old resident told officers that she was sitting in the home when the bullet entered the window, according to Young.

“She said she didn’t hear anything until she heard the window shatter,” Young said.

The home is a half mile away from the shooting on Kinston Street, and police cannot definitively say that the bullet came from the first incident, according to Young.

“It’s possible that they’re related, but we can’t say 100 percent, so we treat it as a separate shooting,” Young said.

The bullet would have had to have been shot into the air or have found a straight line from Kinston Street to Atkinson Street without hitting trees or other homes in the area.

By Beth Lawrence

Staff reporter

Reach Beth Lawrence 910-506-3169

Reach Beth Lawrence 910-506-3169