Arts Council opens local artist’s gallery

By: Staff report

LAURINBURG – The Scotland County Arts Council has opened up a gallery space to share the talents of local artists.

Those interested in supporting local talent can visit the Artists Among Us gallery at the Story Telling and Arts Center at 131 S. Main Street to see the work of local and regional artists, according to Erin Rembert director of the center. The artwork on display is also for sale.

“This gallery area offers dedicated space and turns the Arts Center into a group exhibition setting of new work,” Rembert said. “Artists are encouraged to display on a quarterly basis with work being refreshed every four to six weeks.”

The gallery is open during the Arts Council’s regular business from Mondays to Thursdays 9 a.m. to 1 p.m. and during special events.

Artwork from Allison McLean, Kim Faulkenberry, Dora Sharber, Carolina Caddell and Pamela Hansen is currently being showcased at the center.

Sharber is excited about the gallery’s opening.

“It is exciting to be a part of a team effort that’s focusing on beautifying our world,” Sharber said. “We have created a place and requirements to have visual arts on display. I hope local artists will support our attempts to support them.”

Artist Allison McLean is grateful for the opportunity and that a network of artists and the ability to collaborate is good for, not only the artists but for the county as well.

Anisha McDowell, will serve as the gallery’s coordinator.

McDowell said the gallery is about encouraging artistic growth and community.

“One of our goals as the Arts Council is to provide local artists with resources and opportunities that allow them to grow in their artistic practice as well as deepen their connection to other local artists and the Laurinburg community,” McDowell said. “With the launch of our Artists Among Us gallery, we’ve made a significant step toward achieving this goal.”

The Arts Council works as an “umbrella agency” to promote “a unified voice” for the arts in Scotland County.

The council supports artists, cultural organizations and artistic endeavors like those of ENCORE! Theater in Scotland County. The center’s goal is also to promote “the cultural vitality of our community to a greater audience,” according to Rembert.

The Arts Council of Scotland County supports the arts and cultural heritage through grants, marketing, research and advocacy.

Rembert, also encourages community involvement to support the featured artists and the Arts Council.

For information, visit the or call the Arts Center 910-277-3599.

The Scotland County Arts Council has created space to display works like these from local artists. Scotland County Arts Council has created space to display works like these from local artists.

Staff report