North Carolina ranked fifth worst in health care

By: Jael Pembrick - Staff writer

A recent study might have you reaching for an apple every day.

WalletHub, a personal finance website launched in early August 2013 and based in Washington, D.C., has released a study that shows the state of North Carolina as the fifth worst state for health care.

According to the survey conducted by WalletHub, low marks were give to the Tar Heel State for average monthly insurance premiums (No. 45 out of 50), hospital beds per capita (No. 40), percent of insured adults (No. 39), physician Medicare acceptance rate (No. 35), percent of medical residents retained (No. 34) and percent of adults with no dental visit in the past year (No. 32).

North Carolina was closer to the middle of the pack in such areas as percent of insured children (No. 30), dentists per capita (No. 29), and physicians per capita (No. 26).

In all, the WalletHub survey considered 40 different aspects of health care.

In Scotland County, which ranked as the second-worst of the state’s 100 counties for health care in a 2018 ranking by the University of Wisconsin Population Health Institute, has a number of efforts ongoing to battle the health care gaps.

“We participate in outreach efforts, planned or invited, to connect people with needed resources,” said Scotland County Health Care’s Public Information Officer Kathy Cox. “The citizens of Scotland County are our main priority — we will support (and) we strive every day to improve the life of our citizens.”

Cox also said there are many resources the county’s health department provides that all residents can benefit from, such as family planning, LabstoGo, Prevent Type 2, immunizations and others.

Anyone interested in learning more about services provided and resources available from the Scotland County Health Department can call 910-277-2440.

In the WalletHub survey, Vermont was ranked No. 1 overall, while the state of Louisiana was ranked last. Most southeastern states didn’t fare well in the survey — Virginia is ranked No. 22; Tennessee is ranked No. 41; South Carolina is ranked No. 44; Florida is No. 42; and Georgia is No. 43.

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Jael Pembrick

Staff writer