Hurricane Kielbasa was a perfect meal to create

Without knowing, many of you were probably eating gluten-free meals during Hurricane Florence — simply because tings like bread weren’t readily available.

That doesn’t mean you didn’t eat well, even if you were forced to get creative.

One of the ways my family and I got creative was to start emptying the freezer and refrigerator of things that seemed to go together. That effort led us to what we’ve now called Hurricane Kielbasa, which was cooked over a fire pit outdoors.

Here’s how:


Hurricane Kielbasa


Ingredients …

2 packages of kielbasa

4 potatoes, diced

1 cup mushrooms, sliced

1 cup green peppers, diced

1 tbsp of Adobo

1 tbsp of oil


Directions …

In an iron skillet, add the oil and Adobo

Place the iron skillet over the hot coals — avoid direct flame

When the oil starts to heat add the potatoes, cook until tender. Then add the kielbasa, mushrooms and green peppers

Stir often, cook until mushrooms and peppers and soft.

Then enjoy over rice or by itself.

TammySue Vincent is a celiac and the editor’s wife.