Walk in the peace of God

By: Pastor’s - Corner - Rev. George Ellis

Peace is what I want to talk about today.

Somebody needs it this morning and it is the one thing that God wants everyone reading this article to have today.

Believe me when I say everybody that is smiling, doesn’t have it this morning. And everybody that acts like they have it may not and everybody that goes to church doesn’t have it either!

But what is peace?

According to Webster it is “an undisturbed state of mind.” My community friends, the one thing that is missing in many a Christian believer’s life is peace; they don’t have it, and it ought not be that way.

We need this more than anything else and I hope that as we move into the rest of the year that somebody reading will be determined to possess peace. Based on the authority of God’s word, it is your spiritual birthright.

Somebody reading this morning needs some peace — the tranquility of mind that comes through a relationship with Jesus Christ and trusting in His word. PEACE cannot be found in a tranquilizer or in a pill or liquor bottle or drugs in the vein. Peace is not found in a man or woman, job or money, fame or fortune, education or ambition.

Peace is something that every man or woman wants and it is something that they crave. It is something that every man or woman is seeking after. Some don’t even know that it is this that they are running after. They think that having plenty of money in the bank and a lucrative 401k will give them peace of mind.

My friends, it may give false security, but it doesn’t give inner peace. Some think the right job and personal attainments will give them peace of mind. But mental institutions are full of those that didn’t catch the American dream after chasing it so long. The suicide rate is high from those who were disappointed in their pursuit; so many have sought this elusive thing called peace that they thought they could find, but have not. Drug addicts are snorting cocaine, alcoholics are drinking themselves to death, husbands and wives are having multiple affairs in an attempt to find peace and satisfaction but have not.

My assignment this morning as a gospel preacher is to bring to you a message of hope. In St. John 14: 27 Jesus Himself said “My peace, I give unto you; my peace I leave with you.”

Even in the middle of going through our trials, Jesus said ”In the world you shall have tribulation; but be of good cheer I have overcome the world (St. John 14:33).” The word to somebody is that even in the midst of tribulation, you can still have peace.

Hear me this morning when I say I don’t care where you find yourself; it could be in the midst of hell itself with the devil, his demons laughing with him, but by the power of the living God you can have peace this morning!

This same Jesus that spoke to the storm and the wind and said “Peace, be still” (St. Mk 4:39) and it obeyed Him.

Declare today that you are going to walk in the peace of God.




Rev. George Ellis