For nearly 130 years, The Laurinburg Exchange has served the people of Scotland County as their primary source of news, as well as a guide to satisfy the community's appetite for goods and services through advertising of local merchants. The Exchange traces its heritage back to 1882, when O.L. Moore began the newspaper as a weekly publication. In its masthead from the turn of the century, the newspaper stated that was "dedicated to the service of Scotland County and the promotion of progress in all departments of community and public life." Initially published every Thursday, the newspaper eventually grew to two days a week and then three. The newspaper is now published Tuesdays through Saturdays.

The Laurinburg Exchange is based in Scotland County, which is located in the southern part of the state near the South Carolina border. Laurinburg has distinguished itself by being a three-time All-America City, home to St. Andrews University, formerly known as St. Andrews Presbyterian College. Annual festivals held in Laurinburg include the Storytelling Festival and Bold-Faced Liars Contest, the Scotch Fair Highland Games, the John Blue Cotton Festival and the Kuumba Festival. Laurinburg has a sister city in Oban, Scotland, and Scotland High School takes part in an annual student exchange program between the two cities.


Our goal of giving readers a balanced and fair account of what goes on in this community and elsewhere in the world will never change, while the means through which we deliver your community news and information has expanded rapidly. Today, our community members can take their news in print 5 times a week, through e-mail daily, online and using their mobile devices anytime, as well as through live streaming broadcasts from locations around town. Currently we reach more than 35,000 community members monthly across these various products.


The Laurinburg Exchange seeks to provide the news the community needs, reported faithfully and fully, with respect for all and favor to none. We strive to be authoritative and insightful, to inform and to delight.

To accomplish this mission, we set for ourselves the following goals:

. To be the indispensable, timely source of information and community coverage, examining all subjects that impact readers.

. To provide community members with information relevant to their daily lives.

. To raise issues aggressively and constructively in matters of public interest.

. To reflect the diversity of our community's people.

. To ensure that the right information, reaches the right audience, at the time they want it using the wide variety of formats available to us.


Our news and information products have our name on them, however we want you to think of them as yours, too. Use them, enjoy them, and let us know how we can make them better. We are always eager to hear from you.

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