Faith calendar for Aug. 29

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God sees the best in you where others see worst

Let’s take a trip down memory lane, and in looking we have to be honest; honest enough to admit that a lot of us at some point were headed down a dead end road, a one-way street.If you were like some people, everybody saw the worst, but nobody encouraged the best. People are always finding and magnifying the bad. When we do wrong, people will always remember the wrong — and when we make some wrong choices in life people will hold them over our heads for ever! You all kn...

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Maxton church the twin of Old Laurel Hill

Venturing a bit farther from home last week than I usually do when going on what I call “a fact-finding mission,” I discovered a church in Robeson County that has a twin sister right here in Scotland County.Since moving to Scotia Village, exactly a year ago this month, I have been busy getting to know my new home. I have driven a lot of miles on these jaunts that are a regular part of my week, to the point that I now can talk with some clarity about where things are loc...

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Christianity about belief, not belligerency

“Always be prepared to give an answer to everyone who asks you to give the reason for the hope that you have.” These are the words of Simon Peter, one of Jesus’ first disciples, written to some of the first and earliest Christians. And like most words put down on paper, these instructions have not always honored the intent of the author.

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May your intuitive response be one of love

Five hundred years ago there was a group of Christians living in Europe known as the Anabaptists. These are not to be confused with today’s Baptists, though the groups do share points of common history. The name Anabaptist was not so much a description as it was a condemnation.The Anabaptists were “anti-baptizers,” scorning infant baptism and a heap of other cherished church doctrines. Because of this, and their refusal to join their faith to the ruling civil powe...

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God will see the best in you

He saw the best in me.Now if there was ever a true statement for me personally today, this is it. I don’t know what it means to Marvin Sapp, but this to me is a personal testimony and I’m sure that there is somebody who feels the same way that I feel. I feel good saying that this morning — I feel real good because I see in this my life story.When we look at ourselves, the mess that we were in, and the way other folk saw us, we would never think that we ...

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Another sign that the church is changing

You like barbershop?Me, too.In church?Why not!Somebody has said Presbyterians are “God’s frozen chosen.” I don’t think so, but they are Christians who probably won’t jump out into the church aisle and do the boogaloo, even if they feel the Holy Spirit giving them a nudge.They have a reputation. Their churches are often located on old, tree-lined avenues or on upscale streets with dignified businesses promotin...

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Give God’s wonderful creation a chance

Last week marked the birthday of a man who Bing Crosby called “the beginning and the end of music in America.” Born in the sweltering heat of a New Orleans’ August, the grandson of former slaves, and suffering abject poverty, that man was Louis Armstrong.It was starvation that drove young Louis to the streets where he learned to sing, scat, and play trumpet, all to earn a few pennies each day to feed his hunger and stay alive. From those hardened streets he rose b...

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Baptist churches enjoy autonomy

“If you’ve seen one, you’ve seen them all,” is not something you can say about a Baptist Church.You need to know the difference between the Southern Baptist Convention and the Cooperative Baptist Fellowship, if you want to be literate about Baptists in North Carolina.Painting with broad strokes, you might say the SBC is “conservative” and the CBF is “moderate.” For example, in a local church that flies the CBF flag, you may...

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God is good, even if times are bad

When we experience tragedy, we may wonder about God’s goodness.Is God always good? Yes, he is.He doesn’t promise that bad things will not happen to us, but he does promise to be “our refuge and strength” (Ps 46:1). He doesn’t promise that we will never walk through heart-wrenching circumstances, but he promises that we won’t be alone. God is good — no matter what suffering we are experiencing.Even when we don’t u...

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God understands man’s struggle

Everybody wants somebody in their life to understand them, somebody who they can relate to, somebody who really knows and can feel what they are going through. That’s where our devotional comes in on today — our devotional reminds those of us that know and it speaks to those who do not know that when we talk about the Christ, we are talking about somebody who from a personal and spiritual standpoint can identify with whatever we are facing or dealing with.

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Scripture holds top billing with Southern Baptists

A visit to one of Scotland County’s Baptist churches, Stewartsville, was on my agenda last Sunday.The Rev. Dr. Ben Pierce, the senior pastor (the one with red hair and beard) was not in the pulpit, but the preaching was all in the family on this Sunday anyway. His father, the Rev. Dr. Greg Pierce, director of missions for a Baptist association in Arkansas, delivered the message.He captured my attention from the moment he put on a blue robe, with pomegranates and be...

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Faith Presbyterian to hold 13th annual golf tourney

LAURINBURG — Area golfers are invited to bring their best game to Scotch Meadows Country Club on Aug. 13 for Faith Presbyterian’s 13th annual Ministry & Mission Golf Tournament.A 1 p.m. shotgun start in a Captain’s Choice format will begin the day.Registration will begin at noon. Ten percent of the proceeds from the event will benefit Project In As Much, which provides food on the weekends for Scotland County’s school-aged children. The rest will ...

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Tending a garden is spiritual work

Most Christians already know that God comes to us in strange and wonderful ways, mundane ways, ordinary ways. Things that happen in a regular day may be nothing special on the calendar with nothing memorable going on, but for a moment in the midst of this sameness, we get a glimpse of the presence of God.Right now, here in the middle of the summer, it could be something like homegrown tomatoes, ripened in the warm sun, brimming with that special smooth taste and exuding that marvel...

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Love is the worthiest of journeys

Here we are, deep in the throes of the rituals of summer. School is out, vacation days are being cashed in, and picnic baskets are being packed. Barbecues are firing, pools are splashing, and ice cream trucks are rolling. Meanwhile, thousands, yea millions, are taking to the great American highway.Seventy percent of the U.S. population will hit the road this summer — off to visit grandma, the beach, the closest roller coaster, or a national park. We just love to feel the bree...

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God can bring comfort to the lonely

All of us have a need for somebody to understand and sympathize with us, but when you try to tell somebody about your situation sometimes they just don’t get it!Imagine, you’re trying to tell the doctor what’s wrong with you and he just doesn’t understand what you are talking about. He just cannot feel what you feel. A minister friend of ours went to the dentist to get a tooth pulled. She tells the dentist which tooth to pull and he ends up pulling the good ...

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