QB Jaylend Ratliffe takes a few steps

By Logan Martinez

August 11, 2014

LAURINBURG — Jaylend Ratliffe continues to slowly regain strength as he heals from an ATV accident that occurred almost two weeks ago. The Scotland football star was able to get out of bed Monday and walk a few steps with assistance, according to a source.

Ratliffe is now starting some rehab work, and walking those few steps were the first part of that process. By last Friday, he was off of his ventilator and was able to speak, albeit in limited fashion due to the tracheotomy he underwent.

An account has been set up for Ratliffe’s family at State Employees Credit Union. Anyone can donate to the account in his name.

Scotland coach Richard Bailey was also in the hospital for a brief period of time this weekend after he underwent a discectomy on Friday. The doctors at the Pee Dee Spine Center in Florence, S.C. shaved down a bulging disk in his lower back that was pressing down on a nerve, causing him a great deal of leg pain.

“My leg pain is a lot better,” Bailey said. “I’m feeling a lot better about life right now as far as that goes.”

Bailey was discharged from the hospital the same day of the surgery, and although he did not attend the team kickoff cook on Saturday, he said he would attend Monday’s practice in preparation for the team’s scrimmage game at Douglas Byrd at 6 p.m. today.

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