Crime report for Aug. 12

By Abbi Overfelt

August 11, 2014


LAURINBURG — Hassan Williams, of 1040 Blakely Road, reported Saturday that someone fired four shots into his Lincoln while he was driving down Mackenzie Street at about 11:30 p.m, causing $400 damage, according to a police report. Bullets also pierced the home of Margaret, Leon and John Bostic on Alexander Avenue. Damage to the home was reported at $500. No one was injured.


LAUREL HILL — Danielle Pearson, of Peele Road in Bennettsville, reported Sunday that someone caused $2,650 damage to her 2000 Chevrolet Monte Carlo while it was parked on St. Johns Church Road, according to a police report. A $229 CD player, $200 amp and $200 speakers were also stolen, she reported.

LAURINBURG — Julia Gamble, of Kenwin Drive, reported Sunday that someone had broken into her home, according to a police report. Gamble reported that she didn’t know of anything missing, but that her television and computer had been unplugged and her closets and drawers had been rifled through.

LAURINBURG — Jermaine Malloy, of Stubbs Road in Raeford, and Eric Fields, of Biggs Street, reported Saturday that someone broke into a vehicle parked on Wagram Street and took a radio and soda, according to a police report.


LAURINBURG — Rufus Panky, of Beaman Avenue, reported Saturday that someone took two leaf blowers from a trailor that was parked on Main Street, according to a police report.