Scotland offers plenty of things to do

Tonia Stephenson Chamber Chat

July 22, 2014

“There’s nothing to do in Scotland County!”

Have you ever heard this? I have and every time I hear it, I really want to scream. There are at least two to three times a month when I either have to decide which event I attend or I go somewhere and leave early, so that I can make it to the next event. Yet, there are people who think there is nothing to do in Scotland County. I just don’t understand it!

I think about this often and how to combat it. I’ve thought maybe we have an issue with people not knowing what is going on in our community. One thing we’ve done at the Chamber is updated our “Community Calendar.” We’ve had this calendar for years, however, it has been underutilized and it was not easy to find on our website.

We have taken care of the placement of the calendar with the new and improved website. The calendar is right on our front page with no searching. However, we need your help in making sure the calendar is as comprehensive as it can be. For this calendar, we would like to include all events and activities that take place in Scotland County. I ask you to please help us get the word out to people throughout the county to always let us know of their events. We want to include church events, civic group activities, ballgames, tournaments, and anything else that takes place in the county. We don’t want anyone thinking there is “nothing to do in our county.”

In addition to helping us to know about these events and activities, I also ask you to remember our calendar when you are involved with planning events. That’s the perfect time for someone to pull out their smart phone or tablet and look up to see what other events are being held on the dates you are considering. If the dates are checked and every effort is made to not have events overlap, it would spread out activities so that all could be better attended. When activities don’t overlap as much, we can attend them all. And then people might stop saying there isn’t anything to do in our community!

Thank you for your help with our improved “Community Calendar.” We have a great community, with lots of “things to do” and we want everyone to be well informed! Enjoy all of your activities!

Tonia Stephenson is president of the Laurinburg/Scotland County Area Chamber of Commerce.