Robbery attempt leads to drug arrest

By Rachel McAuley

May 2, 2014

WAGRAM — An emergency call on Thursday led to the arrest of two would-be robbers and their victims, two Georgia men who were found to be in possession of 15 pounds of marijuana, according to the Scotland County Sheriff’s Office.

Andre Arrons, 32, of 440 Hinton Chase Parkway, and 33-year-old Dowayne Carnagie, of 130 Havenwood Court, both of Covington, Ga., were arrested Thursday around 4:30 p.m. and charged with felonious traffic schedule VI, maintaining a vehicle for a controlled substance and conspiracy to traffic. Arrons and Carnagie were placed in the Scotland County Detention Center and each held under $250,000 secured bonds.

Carnagie and Arrons called 911 to report that people were in the yard of a home at 22184 Riverton Road with a firearm in hand, but they left the house in a 2009 blue Dodge Ram before deputies arrived.

Sheriff’s Lt. Earl Haywood said that the truck they were driving was seen leaving the residence. Authorities stopped Carnagie and Arrons about a mile away from the home and Haywoood caught the scent of marijuana coming from inside the vehicle.

When Arrons and Carnagie denied authorities consent to search the truck a “canine was called to the scene to conduct a canine sweep” of the truck. When the K-9 gave “positive alerts for the presence of illegal narcotics” Haywood, a narcotics investigator, obtained a search warrant for the truck and found 15 pounds — 6,720 grams — of marijuana inside.

“The street value on the marijuana was range in $130,000 once broken down and sold for profit,” Haywood said in a statement.

Investigators then obtained another warrant to search the home of Michael Keith Locklear, where Carnagie and Arrons had reported the attempted armed robbery. Deputies picked up the scent of marijuana coming from inside the home and the search ended with Locklear being served with a citation for misdemeanor possession of marijuana but he was released at the scene.

Sheriff’s Lt. Jon Edwards said that he wasn’t sure on the actual weight of the marijuana found in Locklear’s home. Since it was a misdemeanor amount, he said it more than likely less than half an ounce.

Two 18-year-old cousins, Nigil McMillan, of 2411 Dairy Road in Red Springs, and Gentry McMillan, of 80 Crocodile Road in Maxton, were arrested on Riverton Road around 10:30 a.m. Thursday in reference to the attempted armed robbery that Arrons and Carnagie reported, according to a sheriff’s report. Both were charged with felonious conspiracy robbery with a dangerous weapon and were placed in the Scotland County jail. Each of the men were held under $20,000 secured bonds.

The investigation is ongoing, Haywood said.

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