Scotland could see severe storms

Staff report

April 30, 2014

LAURINBURG — While storms that brought tornadoes and localized flooding to neighboring North Carolina counties skipped over Scotland County on Tuesday, meteorologists say the potential exists for thunderstorms that could dump inches of rain and bring heavy winds.

“Everything yesterday was happening basically along I-95 and eastward, so you did miss out on it but we are expecting another line of storms today that could bring the possibility of tornadoes as well,” said Barrett Smith, of the National Weather Service’s Raleigh office.

Wind gusts could reach 60 mph, he said, and roads could flood in urban or downtown areas.

“Individual thunderstorms can bring up to an inch of rain, and you get two or three of those, you’re looking at three inches of rain,” he said. “In a more urban area like were you are in Laurinburg, the potential for flooding is higher.”

A tornado was spotted in Stedman on Tuesday afternoon, and much of Fayetteville’s downtown area and shopping district flooded. The area was bracing for more rain and wind damage today.