Main Street stores spruced up by Preservation NC

By Rachel McAuley

January 23, 2014

LAURINBURG — A privately owned building at 204 South Main St. has housed a shoe shop, floral shop, book store and tailor and is now being shined and polished to tempt others to purchase and give it a makeover.

“It’s a quaint little space,” said Cathleen Turner, regional director at Preservation NC’s Piedmont Regional Office. “It’s a very basic building. It’s going to need all new mechanics. We’re looking for someone to continue the momentum of revitalizing downtown Laurinburg and adding to the wonderful businesses.”

Preservation NC, Turner said, is a nonprofit organization dedicated to “getting the word out that the building is available for rehabilitation.” The organization offers assistance to those seeking to keep a building true to its historic roots, and tax credits are also available.

The organization has contracted with Thames Construction Company Inc. for some minor repairs. The company sent a few employees out on Monday to replace the glass at the front of the building where air-conditioning units had once been installed. The old plywood that use to frame the units was replaced with new, unblemished glass.

“Wood work, brick work — we definitely want to see that preserved,” Turner said. “We’re using our expertise to get the word out that these buildings are available for people who are considering buying a building or starting a business.”

The 660-square-foot building was constructed in 1930 and boasts original wood floors. It is priced at $10,000.

Preservation NC is working with the owner and the town to insure that these buildings are purchased by preservation buyers. The organization is also helping to spread the word about buildings at 206 and 208 South Main St., both also constructed in 1930. The 206 address is 1,320 square feet and is listed at $18,000; the storefront at 208 Main St. is 1,450 square feet and listed at $23,000.

Also listed on the organization’s website is the 3,150-square-foot combined storefront of 109 McKay St. at $15,000, and the 11,700-square-foot McDougald Furniture Building at 101 Main St. at $35,000.

The 10,000-square-foot E. Hervey Evans House at 400 W. Church St. is also available for purchase, at $1.2 million. Features of the three-story home, built in 1939, include an inground pool, pump house and pavilion; gourmet kitchen; panelled library and five fireplaces. The property is listed on the National Register of Historic Places.

Turner said that the organization facilitates buildings when communities approach them and want historically valuable buildings “to be around for future generations.”

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